As an integrated design firm, Advantech Facility Design encapsulates the major design disciplines of Architecture and Engineering within one organization including:
        Fire Protection
        Controls, Facility Automation, and Instrumentation
        Life Safety
        Security And Data Transfer
      Scheduling and Estimating
      Project Management
      Construction Administration

Composite Solution
    Successful facilities design services start from Pre-Design through post occupancy. We believe that a prerequisite for any successful project is a cooperative mindset to coordinate and collaborate with our client, the builder/s and the authorities from day one.

    Combined with equally experienced Design Partners in Lab Planning, Structural, Civil and other supporting disciplines, we provide for a Single point Composite Facility Design solutions.


    We view all design disciplines as one unitary entity while recognizing the distinct contribution of each.

    As the intersection of Art and Function, Architecture has the power to move, the power to elevate, and the power to inspire. Architecture is the enduring medium that bridges meaning and function, that pioneers and splits the norms before us, to enable a new conversation while grounding us in the solid foundation of our history. Technology Based facilities add an additional complexity to this medium. They require an unmatched understanding of End-User needs, Safety needs, applicable codes, and the operations within the facility.

    With such facilities, engineered systems assume a much greater role beyond comfort and simple interlocks. Engineered systems are the cradles of Life Safety and operational/business needs. This expanded role can only be served by the combination of Technology and Experience.

    As a result of our focus on Critical and High-Energy-Density facilities as a whole, our team has amassed the Technology and Experience required to successfully execute complex projects and to cross-pollinate facility technology. This places us on a unique plateau to provide successful facility design services.

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