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Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
Site Expansion Project - Buildings 2E, 4 & 5
Oro Valley, AZ

Four new buildings constituting 168,000 SF of new facilities. These include Buildings 2E, 4, 5E, and 5W, which
support laboratories, a cafeteria/kitchen serving more than 700 people, offices, an auditorium, and ancillary spaces.

These projects were completed in collaboration with Andy Anderson, FAIA.

Building 2E
A new, 60,000-SF, two-story building attached to Building 2 for new and relocated office space from Building 2, allowing the expansion of technical laboratory space within the existing Building 2.
Building 4
A new, 18,000-SF, single-story building attached to Building 2 to contain a corporate cafeteria, a kitchen, a health/exercise facility, and offices. This project removed the existing cafeteria from Building 2 and allowed expansion of technical laboratory space within Building 2.
Building 5
A new, 90,000-SF, single-story, stand-alone facility for offices, conference rooms, training rooms, product display, and technical laboratories.

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